EcoChem is a fast growing formulator and distributor of flame retardant products. We operate in several segments of the flame retardant industry where we hold a very strong European market position, while constantly expanding our customer base. Our wide FR product portfolio is mainly non-halogen based, allowing for environmentally friendly fire retardant solutions.

Our company has a strong sense of partnership with its well-diversified client base. We offer particular application know-how, standard & custom-made flame retardant chemicals and strong focus on REACH issues, proactively tackling potential chemical regulatory changes affecting their flame retardant end-use applications.


Our headquarters are based in Olen - Belgium, operating 2 main production facilities located in Willlebroek - Belgium and in Offenbach an der Queich - Germany, serving clients in 20 different countries. Geographical expansion of the current FR business segments is one of our company’s key objectives.

It’s our true commitment to protect human life and property against the daily threat of fire. Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry you may have on this ‘burning’ topic.

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